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Son of Hades, Thantos has truly took on his fathers Dark nature. Capable of Changing his physical appearance at any given point, he could literally walk into the Vatican and turn into the most powerful demon in the underworld to give him followers and get others to worship the old gods again. His weapons; Soul Shredder: a weapon blessed by Hades himself, grants access to his powers(Darkness, Death) and can return to the owner if thrown that bares its ring, summonable and morphable,; Soul Scream: a gun that has unlimited ammo and can waste ghosts; Apocalypse: a morphable gauntlet that covers the whole arm on the left side; Nightmare: the cursed gauntlet on the right side is a acting guide and access to Magic and Mystery; Marthus: a 60 foot anaconda, with access to Darkness, Water and Death Purviews; Banshee Rifle: unlimited ammo, fires bullets that scream through the air and if it misses it lets a disorientating scream past the ears; Casket: bottomless item (storage); Chains of Tatarus: a kunai chain that can be a belt or grapple hook, looks like fathers symbol, can grow and change its length, access to fire immunity; Ring of Souls: Can summon up to 10 wraiths per point of legend; Coin of Payment; summons Choron for guidance, reusable if not put on a dead body; Eye of Hades; Fathers symbol tattooed on the eye, capable of invoking fear, Grants access to Psychopomp; Armor of Misery; indestructible armor chest piece; Hearse of Despair; 1957 hearse with access to winds freedom and unlimited fuel; Ring of Pain; summons Soul shredder and calls it back if thrown; Ring of the Damned; summons 10 Zombies per point of legend, grants access to animal communication(Snake); Halls of Terror; terra incognita/sanctum, Located under the River Styx in the underworld; Dice of Panic; imbued with six feelings, Fear, Panic, Misery, Pain, Sad, Worry, all Thantos has to do is bring the dice to his lips and whisper one of the six and then roll the dice, instantly the dice release a smoke of spoken word; Bag of Debt; Carries a Unlimited supply of payment for the dead to give the boatmen(see coin of payment
Stats; Strength; Mundane;6; Epic; 5; Dexterity; Mundane; 7; Epic; 6; Stamina; Mundane; 6; Epic; 4; Charisma; Mundane; 4; Epic; 3; Manipulation; 6; Epic; 4; Appearance; 7; Epic; 6; Perception; Mundane; 5; Epic; 4; Intelligence; Mundane; 6; Epic;4; Wits; Mundane; 4; Epic; 3


back story is need to know, you don’t ask a god these things. but if you must know mortal i shall tell you, i met my father when i was 25 years old at the family funeral home, my mother died when i was fifteen and my stepdad, well, lets just say he died of a horrible death while hunting in the woods, its still unknown how he died but i don’t really care, once i got to know my real dad i was in shock, but then awe inspired by his power. through out the years as a hero and demigod with my group, i have struggled to gain his acceptance, to him i was just another whelp, but when i became a god, i thought i had died cause i saw my father smile. Now in the depths of the Horrifying river styx, my home of fear resides, i have access to all i need, i gain my strength through the tortured screams of fear in the river, my wraiths traveling the world invoking my will of fear, me going to every fresh soul and showing them the way to Choron, the boatman, my friend. My power is known to the mortals, both living and the dead, my sanctum, should i choose them, is filled with only the worthy spirits to be my house cleaners and butlers, my followers are blessed with a wraith as their follower and should my follower be wronged in any way my wraith will, lets just say snuff out the flame of the problem, all my followers are in a cult known as Dark Watch, a dark cult shrouded by my mystery, most of them my followers, others orphaned and abandoned, brought up to my alter in Dark Watch and forced to face their fear, until their fear is gone and they use their fear against others in either vengeance or heroism. Occasionally i will go to the mortal world and mingle, but i mainly stay in my sanctum, keeping a watchful eye on the world for any trouble from the Titans specially my Grand Father Cronus. I also keep a eye on my 18 year old daughter Helena Mathews, she is going through a dark stage like Me when i was her age, soon it will be time to pay her a visit, and her step dad is out of the picture, he suffered a heart attack do to, unforeseen events, but he had it coming, no one touches my little girl like that, ever. But after her graduation i will be vistiting her at her graduation party and she will know that she is of divine royal blood, her mother raised her as a atheist, time to make a change
Love interests: Natarie Jones, Egyptian Goddess of Second Chance
Theanna Rose, American Goddess of Healing and Peace
Selena Mathews, mortal, mother of his daughter Helena Mathews
Goals; Fear serves more than one purpose, for without fear, there cannot be courage
Hated Enemies; still friends but hate each other, Kazu, group leader, Japanese God of leadership and wisdom, conflict of love interests


Scion: Their War, Our Problem ShadeBlackHeart