Brian "D-Bone" Franklin

The Crime Boss, DemiGod


birthrights; gold teeth; gives him access to Death, Darkness, Earth, Magic, Mystery; Skull Sword Cane; guide(Voodoo dolls voice), +3 speed; beretta; Unlimited ammo, +2speed +2range; ruby ring; access to fire and psychopomp, +3 Damage for berreta; top hat; bottomless storage; sapphire ring; makes everyone like him +4 damage for cane sword; double-faced coin; summons a skeleton per point of legend; 2 d6; summons a specter per point of legend; Living Voodoo Doll; Guide (speaks only through the Cane), but will point out danger and relics


Met his dad the Baron, while gambling, didn’t know he lost to Daddy Bones till he was later confronted by him when he was robbing the tomb of the local billionaire, when his dad told him who he was he didnt want to believe it at first then his dad showed him his power and then he became a believer when he was chased out of the tomb by the corpse of the rich man he was stealing from. He trained with his dad for several months before finally headed off to start changing the world
love interests; any woman or corner girl he happens to pick up from the street or gentle mens club, prefers them hot or thick
hated enemies; Cops, rival crime bosses, rival gangs
Other; Most powerful, and extremely rich Kingpin in New Orleans, owns about half the downtown area and is well known through out New Orleans, controls most of the families in New Orleans, no one makes a move without his say
Good guy

Brian "D-Bone" Franklin

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