Alex Murpine

Beautiful Temptress, DemiGod


Appearance; stunning and beautiful, she could have anything she wanted out of any woman she wanted.
Birthrights; gloves of seduction, Capable of seducing anyone she touches if she wills it. Charm bracelet; gives her access to purviews(health, fertility, magic, water, moon); crest of armor, summons her shinning pink leather armor; Armor of lust(fire immunity and boosts her appearance by +4) Spear of Passion, +3 speed and +2 LD; Pearl Necklace; Guide(glows when danger is close, and flashes when near a relic, speaks only to Alex


Beautiful, elegant, stunning, these thing describe this daughter of Aphrodite, only interested in women, she carries a powerful tool to gain what ever she wants, Looks, and thats all it take for her many lovers just to melt in her hands. she met her mother while accidentally trying to seduce her in LA. she thought she was lying when she said that they were related, her mother proved her otherwise.

Alex Murpine

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