Nick Dreller

The Redneck Trucker, Hero


Birthrights; Trucker Hat; Access to Purviews (Earth, Animal, Guardian, Magic, Sun); Winchester Repeater rifle; Unlimited Ammo, +2Damage+2range; Khopesh; Morphable and summonable, +2speed; Sweet Mary Mable(Mack Truck, Diesel Engine, Big Rig) Unimited Fuel, Guide (speaks in Nicks head to him, but if to the Player Group, through the Radio); .44 Magnum; unlimited ammo, +2damage +2speed;


Nick is was born into a Redneck Trucker family on the Outskirts of Detroit, he picked up the family business at 18 years of age and enjoys every bit of it, met his mother, his real mother on a delivery run to alaska.

Nick Dreller

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